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Application Criteria

All applications are subject to approval based on the following criteria:

  • Primary applicants must be eighteen years of age.
  • Photo ID available to be photocopied.
  • Credit Check – All unpaid collection accounts, judgments, or lines totaling over $1200.00 will be denied unless verification of full payment is provided or a qualified co-signer is approved.
  • Collection items identified as medical will be exempt.
  • Bankruptcy filed in the past year will require a co-signer. You may inquire with our leasing department about specifications.
  • Rental History – Minimum of 6-9 months of verifiable rental history. Applicants with lease violations or late rent payments may be denied.
  • No unlawful detainers, evictions, or non-renewal of leases within the past five years will be accepted.
  • Income – Total monthly gross income (combined income if multiple applicants) must be at least (3) times the rental amount.
  • Criminal Background Check – Applicants with a felony or gross-misdemeanor conviction within the past seven years will be denied (except for a DUI or driving-related gross misdemeanor).
  • A charge or conviction involving any degree of a sexual offense, regardless of the charge or conviction, will be grounds for immediate denial.

Suppose an applicant(s) criminal background shows a drug or drug paraphernalia charge or conviction within the last two years. In that case, this will be ground for immediate denial of the application, regardless of the charge.